looking beyond what you see

I look beyond the surface into the often overlooked elements of your home. This includes the impact of the surrounding site, natural elements, materials and man-made chemicals that can be built right into your personal spaces. 

Optimise your health and wellbeing from right inside your living spaces.

Audits and consulting services:

My focus is your health. So all our consults start with comprehensive information gathering. Before we even start an audit, I want to know how we can improve your wellbeing by getting to know all about you.

Homes contain many items and materials that go unseen to the untrained eye that may unknowingly contribute to common health issue such as insomnia, asthma, skin conditions, fatigue, restlessness, headaches and more. Even the emotional impact of an unbalanced home can be enough to ignore rooms, not want to stay in a space, feel anxious or unsettled.

For rentals and real estate - A balanced home can improve retention of good tenants, or if you are the tenant help you feel like the space is positive for you to be in for longer.

All audits consider a myriad of issues that impact overall health such as: Storage & clutter minimisation, Materials, Colour & Texture impact,  VOC's & Interior chemicals,  Mould & Damp, Flow of Qi, Site history,  Air quality , Water quality, Light quality, Sleep quality,  Electrical fields  & more.


What others say...

I am sleeping better and breathe easier. The suggested air-filter made all the difference!Thank you for your investigations. It is great to figure out what unseen issues in my bedroom were contributing to my breathing symptoms. -  Elanora, Qld.

I was so happy with the information that we received and the clarity of what we could do to help my health symptoms. The simple changes that we made to our Glenelg home have helped me to feel calmer and sleep better, the investment was definitely worth it. - Christine.H, Glenelg SA

'Opportunities to enhance health and wellness exist to better design the everyday spaces and places of the homes... where we spend much of our time'

Beatly, Jones & Rainey 2018. Healthy Environments, Healing Spaces